The pandemic, Covid19 has shown its devastating effect on almost every field across the world. It’s not a wonder to state that the whole world has gone back to ten years of development. Millions of people’s lives have turned upside down in various aspects of life.

In Terms of Education, the pandemic has affected the educational system adversely by leading the path to partial closure of educational institutions and promotion/introduction to a new way of learning I.e., Online mode of Education. Due to the rapid growth of the pandemic, the Government has announced the Online/digital version of Education nationwide and it has challenged all the stakeholders of Education. The pandemic had its great impact on rural and tribal students, a great bridge has been created between the studies and the students. It’s obvious to state that a generation’s future is at risk. It is reported that most of the students have lost the knowledge on basic education irrespective of their level of grades and have lost the interest of attending the schools/colleges.

It is discouraging to note that most of the students have not attended the online/digital classes because of the economic crisis faced by the rural and tribal communities. Though the Government of India has come with the idea of teaching the Government school students through Television, it hasn’t shown the expected results. On the other hand, though few of the families are in a position to afford to provide an online mode of Education, the parents have the concern of the children to provide them mobile at an early age as it might impact them in a foul way. The worst part is that, child marriage rate has been raised during the pandemic period. The students’ enrollment in schools/colleges from vulnerable backgrounds particularly during this Era is a biggest disappointment. According to the Annual State Education Report Survey, two third of the rural children in India reported that they haven’t received any learning materials or activities during the period of the pandemic.  Every challenge is unique and differs from place to place. But the biggest question is: Can we be able to bring back the old-school system completely?