Let’s take Children Back to School

Covid 19 has had a significant impact on education, the economy, and the destiny of the country’s next generation.

Many studies have indicated that children have lost interest in education and have forgotten the fundamentals. Students from low-income families, in particular, have regressed since they cannot afford to continue their education online.


The basic concepts required are taught to the children in the back to school programme. This curriculum assists children in gaining academic knowledge as well as confidence. This curriculum covers self-grooming, public speaking, and self-esteem boosting so that the children can compete on an equal footing with their peers.


The concepts are taught to the children through interesting activities, and practical learning is emphasised in this programme. Individuals who teach children act as educators, bridging the gap between learning and experiencing education while thinking outside the box.


This curriculum takes a person-centered approach, which provides children with enough information and understanding to comprehend and choose what is best for them. This curriculum places a greater emphasis on the child’s best interests.