Children struggle to cope with their  physical, emotional, and social components of life in today’s competitive environment. Children from marginalised areas, in particular, who are pursuing an education, encounter various hurdles in their schools or colleges. Challenges such as differences of opinion with other students, inability to do well in school, detachment from others owing to issues, and so on may cause children to dislike attending school. Because the children lack help from parents and follow-up after school is hard, the children are left with little alternative except to study independently.

This programme fills in the gaps where students don’t get the follow-up and extra help they need outside of  school. The main focus of this programme is on learning, unlearning, and relearning.

It incorporates many methods of learning through practical tasks in which children can put what they have learned in school into practice, allowing them to brush up on their knowledge.

The program’s goals are to:

      Involve children in activities that will improve their social, educational, and personal well-being.

      Improve children’s interpersonal interactions and talents

      Educate children about their rights and responsibilities as citizens of the society;

      Recognise children’s interests and work as facilitators for their development in specific fields

This programme is structured on models such as

      The Social Goals model helps children to develop social responsibility and consciousness through a  participatory way.

      Positive characteristics and behaviours are highlighted, as well as how they can be used to overcome challenges, in this solution-focused model. It aids in the modification of a child’s actions in specific circumstances in order to reach more favourable outcomes.

      This programme also emphasises a Right-Based Approach, which provides children with a comprehensive learning experience that includes not just academics but also a wide range of ideas such as learning about their rights and responsibilities, society, the Constitution, and child-related laws.

This project will also include an art centre where children can learn various arts and crafts such as paraiaatam, street theatre, mime, drawing, and painting, as well as a games and sports centre where they can learn about physical fitness and various sports.

This concept is unique which includes career counselling and exposure visits for children to learn about what’s going on in the world.